Product Features
“0” Scenario Transformation
“0” Scenario Transformation
360° Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance
360° Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance
Cover 30+ Logistics Scenarios
Cover 30+ Logistics Scenarios
CE Safety Certification
CE Safety Certification
Product Introduction

WS-A1200LSE is a universal AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) suitable for an indoor logistics environment. It adopts improved SLAM technology and various sensor technologies, and has the functions of autonomous navigation, depth perception and flexible obstacle avoidance.


With a load capacity of up to 1200kg, WS-A1200LSE is suitable for production logistics, warehousing logistics and service logistics, and can perform autonomous handling of light cargo. In addition, WS-A1200LSE also has strong expandability which allows varous upper-level accessories to be installed to meet different logistics needs. The platform has passed CE certification and meets international safety, health and environmental protection standards.

Amber AMR WS-A1200LSE
Product Parameter

       Product Model              WS-A1200LSE

        Size (L * W * H)
        ·  1356×1002×329mm

Unladen Weight

·  340kg


        ·  1200kg

Lifting Height

·  55mm

        Navigation Speed

        ·  1.2m/s

Rotation Radius

·  845mm

        Straight Passage

        ·  1310mm

U-turn Passage

·  2200mm

        Repeated Positioning accuracy

        ·  ±10mm/±3°

Secondary Positioning Accuracy

·  ±7mm/±1°

        Secondary Positioning mode

        ·  Feature Plate Location

Safety Protection

·  Safety PLC kit

        Gap Width

        ·  30mm

Step Height

·  10mm

        Driving Slope

        ·  5%

Charging Mode

·  Automatic Tail Connection/Manual/Quick Battery Change

        Automatic Charging position

        ·  Rear

Battery Capacity

·  50Ah

        Charging Voltage Current

        ·  54.6V、20A

Charging Time

·  2h

        Battery Life

        ·  8h

Rated Power

·  800W

        Navigation mode

        ·  Autonomous Navigation based on LiDAR

Driving Direction

·  Forward/Backward/turn

        Drive Mode

        ·  Two-wheel Differential driving

Braking Mode

·  Deceleration Stop/Emergency Stop

        Braking Distance (Full Load Full Speed)

        ·  <600mm


·  5~40℃


        ·  10~95RH%


·  WiFi、USB、CAN、RS485、Network Port

        Safety Standards

       ·  CE


Supports Accessory installation
Pallet Lifting
Pallet Lifting
1200kg cargo capacity within 1 year return 10mm high-precision positioning navigation N+ cluster intelligent cooperation
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