Product Features
Long-lasting Battery Life
Long-lasting Battery Life
The battery life can reach 10 hours
Four-way Transportation
Four-way Transportation
Get through the dead end of logistics transportation
Fast Reaction Speed
Fast Reaction Speed
Immediate response, immediate processing, immediate scheduling, one step ahead of others
Product Introduction

The F1500P stands as an advanced four-way shuttle designed for automated warehouse applications, boasting a plethora of features to enhance operational efficiency. With a high load-carrying capacity, swift transportation capabilities, and precise positioning, it offers unparalleled performance. Versatile enough to cater to a range of warehouse and logistics scenarios, the F1500P delivers an intelligent handling solution, streamlining operations with efficiency and precision. Its advanced design and functionality make it a valuable asset in modern warehouse environments, where optimizing throughput and accuracy are paramount.

 Pallet Robot F1500P

        Model             F1500P

        Size (L*W*H)
        ·  1030×1090×160mm

Applicable Pallet

·  1000-1400mm

        Rated Load

        ·  ≤1000kg

Ejector Type

·  Hydraulic Version / Mechanical Version

        Driving Speed

        ·  1.5m/s(No load);1.2m/s(Full load)

Charging Method

·  Automatic Charging

        Positioning Accuracy

        ·  ±2mm

Positioning Method

·  RFID + Addressing Tablet

        Applicable Temperature

        ·  -25~45°C

 Charging Time

·  1-2H

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